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Experienced Business and Legal Strategist in California

Managing a business is a complex job, from the finances to the workload to the legal processes. If you need assistance with your business in California, turn to Mansoorian Law P.C. We provide general counsel services for businesses and high-asset, high-profile families in California.

Professional and Discreet Approach

The last thing you want is for your business to be involved in a legal mishap — these situations are generally expensive, frustrating, and damaging. At Mansoorian Law P.C., we can provide you with a business and legal strategist who will help you work around potentially difficult situations discreetly so your company comes out safe and sound.

Whether you need some advice on a possible situation or your company is already involved in a mess, our team will help you find a win-win solution. With our help, you can maintain relationships with family members, business partners, and clients as well as keep a positive reputation and avoid future legal issues.

Extensive Number of Services

At Mansoorian Law P.C., we offer legal, advisory, and consulting services for both business and individual clients. Schedule an appointment with us if you need:

  • Business, legal, or personal strategy
  • Family office advisory
  • General counsel services

At Mansoorian Law P.C., we’ll help you navigate any situation through tailored advice, crisis intervention, and reputation management.

Highly Skilled and Professional Team

Do you need an experienced strategist who can assist you with an insightful, practical approach? At Mansoorian Law P.C., we have years of experience in multi-disciplinary sections of industry, including business, legal, and crisis management. This experience gives our team the skills to create custom solutions for your unique situation.

You don’t need to figure out your tough issues on your own. Contact our team in Silicon Valley at 408.376.9100 for business and legal advice.


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